1 Simple Way To Hear God’s Voice Clearly


One Of The Most Fundamental Ways To Hear God’s Voice

Is through His Word. The thing is, it is so simple, but a lot of Christians often forget that this is one of the most powerful ways that our father communicates to us.

The devil understands that this is one of the main ways that God speaks to his children and He always tries to stop us from reading the Word of God.

When we read the Word, we will begin to understand God’s thoughts about the situations that we encounter in our walk with Him.

How to start hearing God’s voice?

As sons of God

  • it is imperative that we hear the voice of God, clearly
  • it is imperative that we can discern the voice of God
  • it’s imperative that we know the voice of God


I say this because without knowing, hearing or being able to discern the voice of God, you cannot live as a powerful son of God.  You’re going to struggle, why? For this simple reason; when you face certain challenges in life you will not understand what God is talking about, you won’t be able to hear Him clearly.

This is going to be very deep stuff because in the Bible it says; for my words are Spirit and they are life.  We need to be able to hear the voice of God so we can receive that Spirit and in receiving the Spirit from God, we will start to receive that life-giving water and our daily bread.

Now, what I’m going to say to you is so basic. Some people just switch off but that’s fine but hear me out; if you want to hear God’s voice and you want to hear His voice more, then you must start reading the Bible more.

Did he just say read the Bible more? YES, read the Bible more.

What you need to understand is that there are loads of Christians out there who are not reading the Bible, or they are struggling to read the Bible; and when you are struggling to read the Bible, or if you’re not reading the Bible, you will not hear the voice of God on its basic level.

You see, when it comes to the spiritual realm we think it’s all spooky and hard to comprehend. Don’t get me wrong, the spiritual world is very, very deep but it is also quite basic. God is not trying to confuse us, so He has simplified parts of a spiritual realm for us.


The Word Of God

Now, hearing the voice of God Is one of those basic things. Read the Bible! How basic can you really get? What you need to understand is that, contained within the Word of God is the mind of God, and to add to that, the Bible also contains the voice of God.

You see, the more Bible you read, the more in alignment you will come with the Spirit of God, why?  That’s a very simple question to answer because the more Bible you know:

you will understand more about God’s will in the Earth

  • you will understand more about the mind of God
  • you will understand more about what God wants and what He doesn’t want
  • you will understand more about what He likes and doesn’t like
  • you will understand more about what is acceptable and what is not


You will know all these things just by reading the Word.

When we go through situations in life we need to consult the Word of God so that we can get God’s mind on whatever it is we’re facing.

When you want to consult the Lord on what you’re going through and on what to do next, you must go to the Word. Open the Bible and say, Lord, speak to me through your Word.

I am about to share an awesome tip with you right now and it is this – Go through the Bible and find similar situations to yours that the Saints, kings and prophets went through and then read what happened to them. Read on how they were delivered or how they got the solution to their problem and then, just do the same thing.

However, a lot of us don’t do this, we think we have to do a five day fast and be on our knees in worship and with tears for hours.  This is not the case, as you can go through the Bible and find other people who were in the same situation and get the formula, get out of your situation or get your prayer answered, or receive that divine strategy or that divine wisdom that you are seeking for.  It’s all in the Word of God.


Let me give you an example of hearing God’s voice through His word

My wife had a few questions for God that she needed answering. We all have personal questions that we want God to answer for us.  So, one morning she said to me,

“Robert, God has spoken to me,” and I said to her, “What did God say?” and she said that God said to her, “Let not your heart be troubled.”

Now, the question is, where did she get that from?

Well it’s in the Bible John 14:1a

You see, God spoke to my wife from Scripture. He spoke to her through a verse from the Bible – this is how God speaks.  The more of the Bible you have inside of your heart, the more you will hear God.

Now, a king prophet in the Old Testament who goes by the name of David said,

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee (Psalm 119:11).

David had so much Word inside of him that he did not sin against God, why? Because he knew God’s mind on the situations, challenges and circumstances that he was going through.  So, because he knew God’s mind, he knew how to sidestep certain issues.

Don’t get me wrong, King David did make mistakes, but they were limited. The kings that came after King David made many more and some of them were downright wicked.

You will find that all the wicked kings in the Old Testament did not commit the Scriptures to their heart, therefore, they sinned against God, regularly.

What I’m trying to say is that the more of the Word of God you have in your heart, the more you are going to hear His voice.  The more Scripture you commit to memory or the more Scripture you put in your heart, the more you going to hear God and you will start to hear Him more clearly.


Lot’s Of False Doctrines In The World

You see, out there right now, today, there are many forms of false doctrine, especially on social media, but the more Word of God you have in your heart, the less likely you are to be tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine.

Therefore, if you have the Word of God sown in your heart, then you will know God’s stance and mind on certain doctrines that are being taught.

If someone says to me that fornication is ok and there is nothing wrong with it, I will tell them, no it’s not ok.  I can say that with all authority because I know God’s stance on fornication from His Word.  In essence, I can hear God’s voice clearly on this subject.

When a Christian, for example, tries to justify sin I know that they do not hear the voice of God because if they did, they would not be ok with sins like fornication, sorcery, murder etc.

Because I have a lot of Scripture in my heart I can tell you God’s mind and thoughts on a plethora of lifestyles, whether carnal or spiritual.

The more of God’s Word you have your heart the less error you are going to be in and the more of God’s voice you will be able to hear.

Let Me Give You Another Example

Jesus Christ was the Word of God enrobed in flesh. Jesus Christ had the Word of God sown in His heart, so when Satan challenge Him, Jesus knew what God’s stance was, on what Satan was saying.  And because of the Word that Jesus had in His heart, He was able to fire out Scriptures that were so powerful, that Satan had to flee.

For example, when Satan said to Jesus to turn stones into bread, the voice of God said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”

All Jesus did was repeat what God said.

This might sound crazy, but if you were to read five chapters of the Bible every day for the rest of the year, you would hear God’s voice clear by week two.  Turn social media off, stop watching Netflix and other things on TV, and prioritise more time to study God’s Word.

7 thoughts on “1 Simple Way To Hear God’s Voice Clearly”

  1. Ronny Andersson

    Youre not a crackpot Robert, i have testimony of heaven too. Dont worry im with you. Began my atonement process about 1995 and got saved…finished it 2007. I stood in God the Father presence 2007.

    The guys, Trinity, led me to your utube site and you answered two questions for me. 1. Lucifer has no armour. 2. Give when the Holy Spirit, God the Father or Jesus guides you. Work with them, do not trust your own understanding.


  2. Such truth!

    The more we hunger and thirst for Gods word, the nearer we draw to him… and we will then start to understand that even though we are here in the flesh, we are at war on a spiritual level against the enemy daily.

    We see with different eyes.

    Its easy to get sucked into a mundane lifestyle. Get up, work, go home, sleep and re-run like this for many years.

    Lets vow to seek the Lord Jesus with unending fever, roll up our sleeves, put on the armour of God and fight!

    Thnk you Rober, ambassordor for christ.

  3. David choi Choi

    Are you sure i can hear God clearly by 1 or 2week later by reading bible everyday without youtube.? Can you mentor me for the hearing God?

  4. Hello Robert, just finished taking notes on “One Simple Way To Hear Gods Voice.” It’s too easy—yet, we often gloss over reading/studying the Word of God. Thank you for your insight and ability to share God’s Word. This is my first time of exploring RevelationRiver.com; I plan to be a regular.

    May God’s blessings abundantly rain down on you and your family.

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