speaking in Tongues

4 Different Types Of Tongues

speaking in Tongues
speaking in Tongues

There is a lot of controversy around the gift of Speaking in Tongues, spoken of in first Corinthians chapter 12. In some Christian circles Speaking in Tongues has been totally dismissed as a demonic language, or the kundalini spirit. For the most part, the people who say this do not understand the gift and this is why they come to the conclusions they have.

In this article, I am going to demystify the gift of Speaking in Tongues and break it down into easy to understand parts.

You see, the Bible speaks about four different types Tongues and these four types can be put into two categories. One category is called public Tongues and the other one is personal or private Tongues.

Public Tongues type 1

Acts 2


The first time we hear about this gift of Speaking in Tongues was in the book of Acts chapter 2:4-14, when the 120 Believers came down from the Upper Room speaking in other Tongues.

Everyone who heard them speak in strange languages thought that they were drunk with new wine. But then there were others that could hear the 120 speaking to them in their own native tongue.

The Apostle Peter then explained to the crowd of 3000, that this was a fulfilment of the prophecy of Joel.The Tongues with which the 120 spoke when they left upper room, were Tongues that were for a sign to the Unbelievers, hence why they could speak in an earthly language that they’ve never heard or learned. This language was translated by the Hearer or the Unbeliever who heard it.

Public Tongues type 2

1Corinthians 14:27-28

Now this type of Tongue is also a public Tongue that is spoken within and to the church for all to hear. But the Apostle Paul gives us some guidelines on how to use this gift.

He tells us that if you speak in an unknown Tongue to the church loudly for all to hear, you must have an interpreter. If you do not have an interpreter then you must keep silent.

Private Tongues type 1

1st Corinthians 14:2

Now this is where it begins to get Powerful. The Apostle Paul is telling us that when someone speaks in an unknown Tongue, he is speaking mysteries in the spirit. Now, if someone understood the language that the speaker was speaking in, then it would not be a mystery because somebody would understand it.

Speaking in unknown Tongues is the only way that you can edify yourself or build yourself up in the spirit (1 Corinthians 14:4). Jude says in his epistle that we must build ourselves up on our most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost.

My question has always been, how do you do that? Praying in unknown Tongues is how you build up your most holy faith.
You’ll always find that Saints who pray in unknown Tongues for extended periods of time, are always on a high level when it comes to their walk with God and revelation of the things of God.

Another observation of mine over the years is that those who do not speak in unknown Tongues also do not move in the nine gifts of the spirit, and if they do, it’s on a very very limited basis.
I could speak more on the subject of unknown Tongues but I have created a few videos on the subject so I will put the link at the end of the article.

Private Tongues type 2

Romans 8:26

Now, this is when the Apostle Paul is speaking about how the Spirit makes intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered. This type of Tongue, also personal, is what is done in private.

When you are praying in unknown Tongues, sometimes the Spirit leads you into deep intercession and the Unknown Tongue turns into a grown. This is when you know that the Spirit is interceding for you or for someone else.



I hope this short article demystifies Tongues, as a lot of Believers get these four types mixed up and think that there is only one type of ‘speaking in Tongues’. The Tongues which the 120 spoke when they left the Upper Room were an earthly language, but the Unknown language that the Apostle Paul speaks about is heavenly.

Don’t be afraid of speaking in unknown Tongues. You will not be able to understand them, why, because your spirit is talking to God. Remember, the carnal mind cannot receive the things of the Spirit because they are foolishness unto him. To some Believers, unknown Tongues are foolishness, this is because they are always trying to Logic it out.

I’ve learned over my 22 years of being saved that you cannot logic out the moves of God, they’re supernatural and out of the realm of human understanding or logic.

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  1. Hi robert. Im from South Africa, i have been watching your videos for a while now. I think you are amazing because i can see that u really have a close relationship with God.
    I was wondering if i need advice or prayers how can i keep in contact with u?
    Kind regards Chere

  2. Alexander Gray

    Hi Robert,Alexander here checking out your page,iv;e signed up on facebook.

    Is it the ego in the man and the dark spirit behind it that makes us feel silly when trying thia for the 1st time.I gave my life to Christ this year so yeah i suppose i am saved!If i was asked that question this morning as in your page i would have been thinking its not my place to say!Well,whos is it then?Lol Of course i need to take stewardship of my destiny so while still having to deal with canaanites i am kicking them out one by one with a goal of encrypting my worship and interceeding.

  3. The Old Testament uses the image of a river of fire (Daniel 7:10), so it’s possible that this verse could be talking about two types of “baptisms”, one by the Holy Spirit that leads to life and the other by fire that leads to death.

  4. Since I came across your vlogs on YouTube my life has never been the same. I thank God for your life and that He brought me wisdom, discernment revelation through your channel! Hallelujah! Could you shed a bit more light on getting the baptism of the holy spirit? Maybe pray with us to get the gift of tongues?

    Also I have been growing at a phenomenal rate spiritually, but my kids haven’t been cause they are not watching the channel with me. How do I raise godly children (cause I don’t think God wants us to be the only beneficiaries and not our children)?

    Thank you and be blessed

  5. Thank you Brother Robert for your videos. I’ve been praying in the spirit constantly for almost 3 months but I have yet to get a clear answer from the Most High. Please keep me in your prayers for clarity through the Holy Spirit. Thank you very much!

  6. Hi Robert if I call you by name I am Norman from Cape Town South Africa can’t agree more with you keep up the bright and truth insight of God let the truth shine also keep me in prayer have a small ministry but god showed me that it will grow 2019 also have a lot of work to do with the Leaders in South Africa very tight on the gifts of the Holy Spirit many of them believed when the Apostles died that was the end of the gifts God Bless God Keep you and make His Face to Shine on you.

  7. Good evening! My name is Renee and I recently started following you and your work/videos. I must say you have helped me understand so much in so little time and I am thankful to have found you ! My question today was why am I seeing blue like energy grids when I wake up? I don’t practice anything demonic and I am a new follower of Jesus and would just like to know if this is something from God or if I should pray what I’m seeing away. Thank you in advance if you have time to response 💛 and also I heard in my dream “Be Chosen” and is just a little confused by it

  8. Hi Bother thank you for enlightening videos you are gifted one. Just recently have this spiritual awakening and started going through religious sites, reseach, videos and teachings and I cannot stop. Something within me is nagging to find the truth about God and Salvation. I am a Catholic but I never have that personal relationship with Jesus. Bought a bible for the first time in my life and started reading over and over in one chapter. At some point i would burst into tears not knowing why. How do I know if God is talking to me? I have been asking Holy Spirit to guide me and now I want to be born again and join a ministry. I need guidance. Please pray for me.

    1. Hi Cherry
      God bless you sister. I am an ex catholic and like you through my catholic upbringing had never read the bible!!! In 2015 my then partner (now husband) bought me a bible within weeks of reading the bible God led me away from the Catholic Church and into my own research. Within 2 months of this I had given my life to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and was baptised in Holy Spirit on this day, I was on my floor absolutely weeping, that weeping then turned into crying with joy. God told me there & then I could no longer continue to live the life I was living with my partner as of now. We stopped all intimacy and 4 months later we got married, and soon after that God led me to a wonderful bible led church. 3 years later my love for God outweighs anything else, and have aldo been given the gift of tongues. keep reading your bible, Keep praying for God to lead you, God knows what he wants for you and what he has in store for you. I have also learnt so much from Roberts videos I would suggest subscribing to his YouTube channel. God bless you sister I will be praying for God to give you direction, for your heart to be fully opened to fellowship with Jesus.

  9. Hi there man of God, I am new to your YouTube channel. I have been trying to find out information on speaking in tongues when I came across a couple of your videos on the topic. I got baptized back in 2007 and I was walking with the Lord and attending church that my aunt was pastoring. I always thought that some people got the gift of speaking in tongues and some didn’t and I was one of those who never spoke in tongues. It was recently brought to my attention that if I was baptized I should have had the gift of speaking in tongues. I would hear people doing it and I even heard some sounding like others and I felt like I shouldn’t mimic what I hear from others if I didn’t receive it. My question is, do I need to get rebaptized so that I can receive this gift because in the Bible it does say that if you believe they will speak in new tongues (Mark 16:17). I appreciate your feedback on this. Thank you!

    1. Please please read Corinthians 14: 4 & 5. Read the verses in every translation you can find.
      GOD DOES NOT NEED YOU TO SPEAK IN TONGUES. In fact unless you have an interpreter, tongues are a private benefit, not a necessity to prove your proximity to God.
      He would rather you prohphesy. In fact make Love your number one priority and God will see to the rest. You can’t give yourself a gift from God.
      The verses:
      The one who prays using a private “prayer language” certainly gets a lot out of it, but proclaiming God’s truth to the church in its common language brings the whole church into growth and strength. I want all of you to develop intimacies with God in prayer, but please don’t stop with that. Go on and proclaim his clear truth to others. It’s more important that everyone have access to the knowledge and love of God in language everyone understands than that you go off and cultivate God’s presence in a mysterious prayer language—unless, of course, there is someone who can interpret what you are saying for the benefit of all.
      1 Corinthians 14:4‭-‬5 MSG

  10. Dear brother Robert,

    What an amazing videos you have on youtube. I am truly blessed by watching them as I want to go deeper in Christ. You have answered a lot of my questions I had in my mind.

    I tried to connect with you on what’s app but somehow it’s not working. Anyway be blessed!

    Thank you

  11. John Bevere says some of the theological confusion regarding speaking in tongues can be clarified by understanding that there are four types of tongues.

  12. David choi Choi

    I know there are 4 kind of tongue. Can you tell us rest of tongue. You only said 2kinds. I want to know another 2 tongue please. I want to develope tongue speaking.

  13. Dear Robert,

    A little word with the Love and Peace of God. Please don’t take my previous post as a personal attack. We may have differing convictions by I believe they all leads to his Grace when followed with a pure heart. Have a blessed evening and may his light shine on all our hearts and minds. God loves you and so do I. Keep strong, he’ll see you through it.



  15. Hello, I got a revelation on speaking and interpretation of tongues and my eyes were opened to know that speaking and interpretation of tongues goes beyond what the physical mouth is saying, what the physical ears are hearing and what our physical understanding can comprehend.
    Jesus, although He spoke in human language that His disciples and others could hear with their physical ears, but they still couldn’t actually understand because although, Jesus was speaking a language know to man, He was speaking mysteries (the heavenly language).
    During the acts of the apostles, when the 120 were baptized to speak in other tongues they had never learnt before, other men heard them speak in their local language but did they actually have ears to hear what the spirit was speaking through the 120 men who didn’t even know the language they themselves were speaking.
    There was no record that the apostle Paul spoke in tongues or other languages unknown to him though he was baptized in the Holy Ghost but he spoke and wrote mysteries in the human language just like Jesus Christ.
    Tongues are communicated mysteries in language of the kingdom encoded in the human language which can only be decoded by the Holy Spirit in the vessel he possesses.

    In my local church, I’ve heard my pastor speaking in tongues in English language which is a language I know but the interpretation of his speakings as decoded by the Holy Spirit is different from the exact words I here the pastor speaking in English.
    I’ve read the Bible in English but the meaning and expansion I received is way too vast than the plain sentence I read off the Bible.
    I’ve prayed in tongues that I do not understand with my ears but I understand what they mean in my spirit and I am so sure that I am not capable of speaking or praying those words in English.

  16. KV Lawrence Philip Venkatesh

    Hello, Robert. I am Philip from India. I have been saved in Christ in the year 1991. Ever since then I have an hunger and thirst to know more of God and His Word. I was blessed by your teaching on 4 different types of tongues. I came to know about it in detail from the above teaching you have imparted about the different types of tongues: both private and public. I will also teach others regarding this. May God continue to use you and make you a blessing among many youths who want to know and grow in Christ.

  17. Augustine Amoah

    Glory to God for such a precise but insightful and deeper revelational knowledge on the subject of Speaking in Tongues.
    Thanks for sharing.


  18. Nimroid Folsom

    I would like to add that the earthly tongues, (“public tongues”), are a sign specifically for unbelieving JEWS. This was to show them that God was fulfilling His promise to save gentiles (as in the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on them too). Of course He wanted to save the Jews too but they rejected Him. So usually this gift usually is not done to unbelieving gentiles. Also it is not a sign to the person speaking in the tongues that they themselves are saved. The proof they are saved is God showing them in their hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    I really wish Pentecostals and other “denominations” would stop teaching and preaching this!

    1. I’ve always had this theory that tongues meant understanding a person on a deeper level (God in everyone) that you are able to make an unbeliever see the God in you (God’s Holy Spirit).. or when someone reads a scripture out, you’re able to understand the metaphor behind the words written/said. Hope that makes sense..im still learning. Blessings to you..

  19. Hello Sir Greetings!!…
    I am from Srilanka, im 18 years…I am child of god, i pray 7 times a day and also i pray with tongues too after praying in tongues i can see shining lights through my eyes…It’s really beautiful once i saw it i get goosebumps…….Day time i can pray alone, but at late night when im praying alone i feel scared like someone is nearby(Not a devil) (Like an angel) when praying for example if my dadda drop something i feel scared…I am really confused only for night, my mom says “it happens beacause of my age”…….
    I really wanna an answer soon…
    Jesus is above all..I love my jesus…AMEN

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