Break Out Study #3 Your Spirit Has A Brain – Super DEEP Study

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3 thoughts on “Break Out Study #3 Your Spirit Has A Brain – Super DEEP Study”

  1. I watched your introduction to the end times. I like your zeal for God’s word, but I tend to differ with you on who God is. I believe that our knowledge of God is responsible for our doctrines and how we interpret the bible.
    If our God is a puny God, our understanding of him will be puny and our expectations will be puny.
    I am not judging you as a person, but judging the content of your message. So please do not take this personally. Plus I am sure that you could run rings around me with bible verses, as I only started getting into the bible about 2 years ago and know very little bible verses. But I believe that I know God tremendously and because God is a Spirit, he works in supernatural ways to reveal himself to me.
    Hope we can have some meaningful collaboration about the essence of God and what He wants for us.
    I should just mention that I do not believe in the restoration of Israel as a nation or the 1000 year rule of Christ here on this earth. I cannot really use bible verses to prove anything because the proof of the pudding is in the eating and the only tools that God has given to us is Faith, and it is only through faith that we can please him and not through intellect. That is the reason why I also believe as you do that man made science is of the Devil, Satan.

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