O Ye of Little Faith

Welcome to Spiritual Nuggets.

Towards the 4th quarter of last year, the Holy Spirit instructed me to create the aforementioned title to share snippets of my conversations with Him; hence why the name includes, Nuggets. I pray that these will bless and increase you as they have, me.


The Kingdom of Heaven is Vast! Yes, absolutely, it is. It exceeds abundance! Christ instructs us to come to Him for everything we need; look to Him for help, that includes EVERYTHING! From the healing of your toenail to needing protection from a swarm of bees; from buying a pair of shoes to finding your hiding place in Christ. Everything we need is in Him and His posture towards us is poised, ready to guide, protect and give to us in abundance.

Psalm 32:8 says, “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go. I will guide thee with mine eye.”

According to 1st Kings 8:27, the heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain God. This tells me that God is Above abundance! Did you hear what I said? God is ABOVE abundance, which means anything we ask in His name (and He encourages us to ask) we will get it in EXCEEDING abundance!

Woooo, I am getting excited already!!! If that is the case, let us therefore go to the door of Heaven with empty lorries instead of motorbikes and load up with as much direction, healing, revelation, joy, peace, love, whatever it is we need, because the more we take, the more time we will spend in God’s presence and the more we can take back to share with others.

Often, Christ beckons us to Him and we roll up on a push bike. What can you take back on that? That is the equivalent of rushing in and out of His presence, not enough time to spend with Him, to grow deep enough roots so your tree doesn’t get uprooted when a light breeze passes; not enough time to listen to the answer to your own question; not enough time to find out who you are in Him or who He is in you! Or the other side of not wanting to “bother Him too much”; your lack in understanding humility, thinking that the less you ask for, the more humble that makes you. Not at all! (unless you want to consume it on your own lusts.)

Listen, in Matthew 8:26, Jesus said, “Why are ye fearful, O yea of little faith?” Yes, I know He was talking about the disciples in the ship but the same principle applies. Our faith should not be smaller than a mustard seed. This, to me, implies that the disciples had ‘smaller than mustard seed’ faith. Have you ever seen how tiny a mustard seed is? Okay then!

God is BURSTING to shower us Above abundance. Bring an extra lorry for your neighbour who is crippled by circumstances! You can take more and feast for longer in God’s presence.

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