Peace Comes Instantly

How are you today, Lord?

“I am in control of EVERYTHING!” He said calmly.

“How are you?” He asked me.

I am happy that you are in control of EVERYTHING, I chuckled.

“See how peace comes?” He suggestively asked me…

Peace comes instantly when we believe God’s Words,  be it Rhema or Logos. I was upset that I had missed a very important event for our daughter, yesterday. So, I went to the Lord  and He answered me. I was calmed by His words immediately! Why? Because I believed His words!

What are you flustered about today? Take it to Jesus!

The Bible says in 1st Peter 5:7, ‘Casting ALL your care upon Him; for He careth for you.’

He really does…


2 thoughts on “Peace Comes Instantly”

  1. Althea R Mcphee

    Thank you my sister for the reminder to believe His word. Sometimes it really does take a simple reminder to lift you up.

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