Relinquished Power – Don’t be Destroyed!

WARNING : This is a FULL Chicken, not a nugget!

I had such a great time with Holy Spirit this morning {October 29, 2020}. I am super charged! I have decided to put the relevant part of our conversation below, so that you can share in on the experience, as He is also speaking to YOU. Holy Spirit’s words are in red and Scripture references are bracketed for you to read.

Good Morning Holy Spirit, how are you?

Good Morning my child, I am super, duper, duper Great. I am great and Greatly to be praised! How are you?
I am super, duper, duper great and I greatly praise you, my Lord and my King. (Praying in Tongues.) What’s on your heart today, Holy Spirit?

How GREAT is your God! I am a Great, Kind and MerciFUL God! He that believes on me will not perish. He that call upon My Name, him, shall I save. I have called you and your husband and you have both answered. You are my damage to the enemy. You are my destruction to his kingdom. My Word in and through you, will decimate his camp, quench his fiery darts and cause my people to be healed and to be put straight.Β  {Isaiah 55:10-11}

My Word in you will cause earthquakes to demolish structures in the devil’s fortified cities. This is who you are! This is who my word is in you. It builds up, but it also tears down. If you keep it to yourself and not use it, or you use it incorrectly, it will tear you down. My word strips and cast down evil. My word builds up the giant in you against the enemy’s camps {and he has many camps}, but they will all be tornΒ down and decimated with just my Word. Believe my words, they Will prosper you.Β 

You will call those things which aren’t as though they were. You will call them into existence {Romans 4:17}. Yes, you! My word in you is The Creator! You have creative power, dunamis power all wrapped up in you! Do you not see that you are a walking, talking explosive right in the enemy’s camp?

Recognise who you are, Cass, Recognise it! Recognise who I am IN you! Listen! I have put ME inside of you! I have said, NO weapon formed against you shall in deed, prosper, Not One! This is the key. If you know this and apply this Truth (and it is Truth, I am your shield and buckler), NOTHING can stop you! Every threat from the enemy is laughable, every threat!🀣 {Psalm 91} Remember what I said earlier? It is not for you to keep to yourself. It is for you to share with my people. If you hold this information back, it will destroy you!

Amen. This is such great food to chew and digest. You fill me/us with you, yet we can’t contain you.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge! This is such knowledge! Lacking this, makes you ineligible to operate from my power and victory.

The victory and power is there, but because you don’t know or believe who you truly are, or who I truly am in you, you cannot access them! Your identity outside of me has blinded and blocked you from operating in and from the Truth, which is Me and what is available in Me. O what equipping and power you are relinquishing! Your True identity, which is only found in me, and is only who I say you are; gives you complete access to the power and victory which I have made available to you, complete access! {Hosea 4:6 and Isaiah 5:13}

This was the main part of our conversation. Powerful! I will leave you with this final thought:

We will become Big, fully armoured giants, cowering at the suggestive thoughts from the enemy because we don’t know how to operate from our identity in Christ. We say His words religiously, but because of doubt (identity crisis), they are to us, of none effect. This is why we don’t see or experience the manifestation of His victory and power, and because one’s faith is small (doesn’t last long), one gives up, or give in to the suggestions of the enemy. This is disobedience because we have now left our place in Christ (who He says we are), taken on a new identity (our place is now outside of Him), therefore, relinquishing our power to operate from our position of authority. We are who He says we are! His Word is forever settled in Heaven, according to Psalm 119:89.

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3rd John 1:2

12 thoughts on “Relinquished Power – Don’t be Destroyed!”

  1. This was so powerful. And I am one who has been changed by the work of you and your husband. Thank you so much, Cass. Love you! β€οΈβœοΈπŸ™πŸΎβš”οΈ

    1. Hi Teresa,
      Thank you. I am joyous even if it touched 1 person’s life. It is a pleasure to serve in God’s Kingdom.
      We love you. Stay blessed.πŸ€—β£

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