Thank You Lord

Lord, we thank you for the things you do for us behind our scenes.

Thank you for all the prayers you answered according to Your Will which we misconstrued as ‘unanswered’; we are grateful that they weren’t answered in the way we wanted or expected.

Thank you for saving us from the traps, ditches and the gallows  which the enemy set privily for us.

Help us to see from your Kingdom’s perspective and cause us to understand our citizenship, how to operate in it. Help us to realise that we cannot ask of You, whilst looking to earthly solutions.

Lord, you are Truth and you are Life! You are Loving and you are Kind. Your thoughts towards us are of peace and NOT of evil, to give us an expected end!

Thank you Jesus that you are in total control of our lives and you will NEVER leave or FORSAKE us, according to Hebrews 13:5 and Deuteronomy 31:6

We love you, Lord.

4 thoughts on “Thank You Lord”

  1. Lizette Jackson

    Beautiful prayer. I love praying the scriptures back to Him, because it is His will. He protects us so graciously when we are walking with Him and not against Him.
    In the natural we love to look at our kids and say things like he’s got my nose or she’s got her father’s smile or he sure dances like his uncle. If only we start to do that spiritually. Oh he talks just like Jesus or she prays without ceasing like the Holy Spirit or he sure can create things like our Father with his words. Now that’s a genetic compliment I’d love to give or have even.
    Well, that’s all. Thank you Cassie 🥰🕊🙏🏽

    1. Lady Lizette! This is soooo POWERFUL! You have sown a BIG seed with this word, Lady! I hear you Lord, loud and clear! The future of our children has just shifted course! THANK YOU!!!! Blessing and peace upon your house.

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