In this article I am going to share with you three of the most powerful things I have learnt in my 23-year walk with Christ


It’s a powerful formula that God revealed to me and it will answer all of your your questions and praise and it will take your walk to a whole new level in God




One of the biggest problems we face as Believers is that we have have rotten routines i.e. the things we place as priority is all incorrect


We need to understand that when we have the correct routine then I’ll rise will go to a whole new level we can see this this from so many of the biblical characters one good example of this would be the prophet Daniel the prophet Daniel had a fasting routine read about this in Daniel chapter 1 also you will notice that Daniel fasted for 21 days you can’t fast for 21 days out of the blue you have to work your way up to that level so we can see that he had a fasting routine


Jesus had a prayer routine and as We Know Jesus rose up a great while before it was Dave to go and pray and seek the face of God


He also had a fasting routine we know this because you cannot fast for forty days and forty nights out of the blue you must work your way up to that level over many years


No just using these two examples we can see that routine is very very important and without good spiritual routines we won’t move in any power or Victory




Revelation is a key component that many Believers black and because we like revelation we like power and Direction


Revelation is a Greek word that means apocalypsis apocalypsis knees to uncover to turn the light on in a dark room to reveal what you couldn’t see


As Believers it is imperative that we have revelation because without it we cannot see afar off and we will stumble without revelation your lack Direction


Many of the Bible characters had revelation because they had a sports with BT for example walked with God to walk with God you have to be consistent you have to have a routine and because of this he had revelation because in the book of Jude it says how he got the side of the second coming of Christ he was also ruptured away in the book of of Genesis also you will find what is quite interesting is that at the Book of Hebrews Chapter 11 it states that do not have faith and we know the only way for you to have faith is to hear the voice of God for hear the word of god and you have to hear the word of god consistently so that your faith will grow that takes a routine


The same goes with Noah he also walked with God and to walk with God you have to have a routine and faeces routine of Walking With God he received a revelation of the destruction of the Earth and he was given a blueprint to build the ark


I could also speak about David because of his morning prayer routine and his worship routine he wrote many Psalms and those sounds are packed with revelation


This is the second part of the formula so for you to get revelation you have to have a routine




When I speak about Riches I am not talking about financial gain I am referring to the riches about our hidden in Christ


The Apostle Paul tells us that hidden in Christ all the riches and treasures of wisdom and knowledge


So when we have a spiritual routine we will get Revelation and from that revelation understand how to dig into the riches that I hid in Christ and when we understand about the riches we will spend our lives digging deeper into the reservoir of Christ and excavating all the good things that I did in him we will then manifest those Riches into the physical ROM and bring change into the Earth from making a difference in our lives and in the lives of those around us


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It Robert An Ambassador for Christ. I love the Lord and I have been saved since 1996. God has blessed me with a wealth of biblical and Spiritual knowledge that I am using to equip The Sons of God that are here in the Earth Realm.

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Paul · April 21, 2020 at 7:34 am

I am inclined to believe that you are on to something, but it is not coming out right.
Maybe it might be the language that you are using. The truth is the truth is the truth.
There is only one truth.
The problem is that I have not heard you use the word “The Holy Spirit” which in essence is everything. If you read 1st John, you will understand that if one does not have the Holy Spirit, he is not of God.
Your thoughts are good but you are not giving credit to the Holy Spirit which is everything.

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